Sunday, 5 July 2015


Throughout the 14 week progression of this module, which was well documented in the blog upon the milestones achieved, we have learnt the key importance of biomimicry study with close relation to engineering aspect. This is defined to be as how we are able to take reference of Mother Nature’s design as a ground rule of foundation to work towards an engineering solution for the issues imposed. 

Referring to our pet adaptation project, our group has adapted the pleco fish to design a conceptual AUV which focuses upon energy efficiency aspect to further boost run time period per defined cycle, reducing maintenance cost as well as attaining better lifespan.  Taking reason as why these aspects were taken into study is because in the AUV field, it is acknowledged that these lines of products are known to be high in operational cost, resulting in low range of targeted audience. This in hand affects the research and development rate of this technology, rendering it limited in usage.

Should our project be successful in implementing the initial cause; reducing the overall cost through increasing efficiency, we would be able to grasp the attention of wider audience which in turn, increasing the overall interest and exposure upon this technology and how it could benefit the society. With a wider stance of appeal towards society, it is natural that research and improvement would follow up for a better fit to serve its specific purpose as defined by the user.

However, reflecting this idea onto our current progress, regrettably our research only covers the fundamental aspects as the commitment for a more feasible progress requires a substantial budget provision as well as significant amount of time as opposed to mere 14 weeks. It is without a doubt that our idea and design projection could serve to a greater cause as long as the aforementioned requirements; funding and time were provided.


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